MAKING LIMONCELLO :: Living in the Present

This blog post is the foundation that provides a little insight to my existence in the now. I’m finally comfortable with acknowledging that it takes work each and every day to slow down, invest in myself through self-care and self-love, and listen to my inner voice guiding me to what is next. And you can’t do that without being present, friends.

If there’s anything that the universe has taught me in the past few years, it is to live in the present and savor every moment.

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MAKING LIMONCELLO :: One foot out of the water

The only thing certain is change. Life has been such a whirlwind of confusion and questioning since I returned from a year of travel and self-growth. Of course, I expected that on some level because I’ve always had a huge adjustment period after lengthy trip, but this has been NEXT LEVEL…it’s the season of change. AGAIN. I’m re-training my brain to deal with more change and put both feet in the water after going through so much grief and loss.

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BRANDING | EDITORIAL: Rachel's Entrepreneur Portraits

Meet RACHEL!!! She’s a mover and a shaker and knows how to get S*$% done. Naturally, she’s my kind of gal and we hit it off immediately. ;)

On the go. Making life happen. Creating results for her clients. She is Get Local Content—an innovative digital marketing company that clients can feel good about. Not only do they provide top-notch personalized marketing strategies, but they also donate 10% of net profits to local non-profit groups. How fabulous is that?!

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TRAVEL :: Finding a New Identity through Travel

Back home when simple everyday routines constantly remind me of the absence of my other half, I decided I could go one of two ways…hold on to those for dear life (which in my head seemed incredibly painful) or start to unravel some of those routines to keep the parts that are essential and then begin to release some of the others.

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