PETS :: Jake & Bagel's Dog Wedding

Well, who would have guessed that I would come out of retirement from wedding photography for the special royal pup union of Lord Jake Von Schlitze Brooks, The Earl of Pointerdom (wow, that's a mouthful!) and Bagel the Beagle. 

That handsome devil on the left in the dapper bowtie is Jake and he was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer in June. His humans, Mary and Chris, are amazing doggie parents and went through a lot to learn about the possible options and how to help Jake live the best life possible. After a big old rollercoaster, he ended up being a great candidate for chemo. So that along with a regimen of CBD oil for the pain have been keeping him happy and loving life. His tumor has even reduced in size. It's amazing! Dr. Lafey and Dr. Fritz over at Amici Pet Hospital in Little Italy and Dr. Flory & Dr. Phillips at Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Sorrento Valley have been taking incredible care of Jake (and his humans too!). 

During the rollercoaster of that whole process, Mary and Chris made a solid commitment to making his remaining time on earth as amazing as possible.  

Mary's super supportive team at work came up with the idea to make Jake a bucket list. The first order of business was to get married on the beach. Life in San Diego. What can you say? It's RUFFFFFFF. Sorry, couldn't resist.

The wedding was a way to bring some joy to an otherwise crappy situation and to give Jake's fanclub a chance to see him (and to have a few cocktails together). And the way that Mary and Chris see things, there was also an opportunity to bring awareness to canine cancer.

Jake's fanclub is far-reaching because is such a good WOODBOOGER!! A GoFundMe was set up to support Jake's treatments. Any funds raised above and beyond medical costs will be donated to the California GSP Rescue (the wonderful rescue that matched Jake with the Brooks). This will help them treat sick dogs who don't have families and friends yet to love them. Here is a link to the campaign. Every dollar counts!

Over 30 friends and family joined together to be a part of Jake and Bagel's big day. They exchanged bow-wows and cookies to mark their union on San Diego bay. Everyone shared laughs and drinks. It was a wonderful day! 

Check out the slideshow below to see the day unfold.