Photographer & writer seeking adventure.


I'm so excited to share my new blog and site! 

I've spent the 75% of the past year abroad, traveling the world as a global citizen and creating imagery to tell the story of my journey and adventures. 

I am back in San Diego at the moment after living all over Europe. Most recently, I lived in Paris for nearly six weeks. It was such an incredible experience living in the city, traveling solo, and enjoying life like a local (my favorite way!). I also spent the past month hopping around five countries. I covered a lot of ground—England, Scotland, Germany, Poland, and Greece. In all, I've hit 25 countries so far and my travel bucket list just seems to keep growing. There is so much world to see and experience. 

I ventured out on this crazy ride after my life and business partner of 23 years passed away. His death sent me on a crazy journey getting lost around the world and somehow finding myself in the process. Now I firmly believe this is actually a life-long path. Every time I'm out of my comfort zone, I learn a little bit more about myself. I stretch a little further than I thought I was capable of. I am enlightened by people with different life and cultural experiences. And I've learned somewhere along the way to listen to my gut again. I've faced fears and conquered them. I've lived life out loud. I want to be sure I die with as few regrets as humanly possible.  


My way of exploring and appreciating new places is all about discovering the deeper character and way of life. I capture the beauty of everyday life and talk with strangers {despite what my mama taught me}. I spend countless hours a day wandering and getting lost. I'm most content when I am deciding my next move when I arrive at an intersection. Right or left?

Say hello and tell me a travel story...what's your favorite destination? Have you had a crazy experience somewhere that you never saw coming? Do you love street food and döner from U-bahn stations as much as I do??? 

Looking forward to sharing my adventures as well as many, many stories and images from my year of discovery.

Merci beaucoup!