TRAVEL :: Selling my First Travel Fine Art Print

WOW. So all of this is just starting to sink in. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. No, actually, a crazy couple of months. No, wait, a crazy past year.

I’m here. In Prague. I’m on a sabbatical, creating a new portfolio of work to launch me in a new and exciting direction with my photography. I still have to pinch myself each morning. For reals. But I’ve been working hard and getting to know this city on a totally different level than just vacationing here for a few days. It’s exciting and I just love it!

Amidst those days, it’s inevitable to go through self-reflection and a little artist self-doubt (fellow creatives, you KNOW what I’m talkin’ about!). But here, I am inspired to keep pushing myself to get out and create more and do things outside my usual comfort zone. It can be a little painful but I know I’m so much better on the other side. I realize that I’m capable of so much more than I think. We all are.

So this week, when I had to give myself (while one of my new friends in the We Roam was doing the same for me!) a little pep talk about just going and DOING, I got a message from my friend Kelly in Palm Springs letting me know that my first fine art print SOLD.

Morning in Paris was chosen to be displayed in a gallery for the Canon Emerging Female Artist’s show at Kelly’s rad coffeehouse in Palm Springs a little while back and a buyer wanted it for their restaurant in Solvang, California. So exciting!! Funny enough, I had just ventured to Solvang a few months ago with my friend Karen and was pretty smitten with the place, so that made me extra happy that my first sale resides in the Central Coast of California, which is one of my favorite areas!


Being an artist, I have those moments when I really need that validation, knowing that other people appreciate my point of view and filter on the world. It means something to know that other people can connect with something that excites me and speaks to my soul.

Morning in Paris is one of my favorite street photography images. I love finding the beauty in the every day rituals of life. You know, those things that everyone takes for granted as just random tasks and going through the motions. I feel like this image illustrates that really well. I am proud of it and so excited someone loves it too.

When we visited Paris together 6 years ago, we spent countless hours in those street cafés, people watching and observing life as it went by. We were staying just up the way from this café and we’d pass this server performing his morning ritual of meticulously setting the tables for the locals to come and grab their morning coffee, french lunch, or afternoon wine. There is patience involved with watching these moments unfold. Understanding the role that various people play in creating a sense of belonging and comfort for others. The behind the scenes actions that are often taken for granted. This is just another Morning in Paris. But what happens when we slow down and see how these random moments shape the world we live in the daily experiences we have?

The timing could not have been better for this first fine art print to find a new home. It was poetic that it took place while I was in my first city on my sabbatical in Europe. It gave me added confidence to continue pushing forward, doing what I love to do and capturing the world the way I see it so that I can share it with others.

You can even have your own personal piece of art commissioned, which I’m really excited to work on for people!

Thanks for following me on the journey. More to come soon!!