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Having been a dog mama for 17 years, I deeply understand the special bond between humans and dogs. It's a beautiful unconditional love that is truly like no other.  

Day in the Vida Pet Documentaries actually began as a special request from a client who loved my documentary style of storytelling. There's nothing better than when my clients inspire me to do something exciting and new! 

I worked with Mary and Chris to talk about the most precious ways that they enjoy spending time with Sheba. They shared their favorite characteristics and bonding times. We laughed. We cried. We celebrated the best of their unique life with Sheba. 

Often times clients are concerned that their aging dog won't have the energy for this type of session. From experience I will say that there seems to be a certain puppy energy that senior dogs put out for these sessions, again and again. They can feel that the time together is really all about them and their adorable wagging tail. And let's be honest, they also probably know how much their humans need it because they're awesome creatures like that.

Everyone takes a million puppy photos and at that point, the relationship is brand new. Think about your special bond with your furry child and the beauty we can create together telling the story of your history together. 

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